Jeneen Terrana’s music is like KT Tunstall meets Feist … pop, rock and folk with a feminine vulnerability. 
Singer and songwriter Jeneen Terrana has been gaining national and international exposure touring the US and Europe.  She’s a true songstress, a powerful performer with fire and soul in her voice that comes from a wisdom far beyond her years.  Jeneen has opened for several national artists including: Ellis Paul, Mieka Pauley and Rachel Sage. 
She grew up in Buffalo, New York, and was strongly influenced by her Sicilian grandfather who sang every Sunday after dinner. “My grandfather put on a full opera,” Jeneen said, “he played all the characters himself.” She sang in rock bands in high school and became active in local theatre. After leaving Buffalo, Jeneen studied classical music and opera and began experimenting with other styles of music. With her BA in hand, she moved to New York, to dive into the local music scene. 

In 2002, Jeneen released her debut album “Just Me”, a mix of gentle melodies and sarcastic wit, with songs that are both purge and console. Her award-winning album “My Creation” was released in 2007 with the title song setting the theme for the next few years. It was voted Wildy’s World “Desert Island Disc” and “Album of the Year” and the title track voted as the number one song for the New Year on the Alive with Clive TV show.  Her third album “See the Light” was funded by RocketHub.com, a crowdfunding website that allows fans to “fuel” projects. This combined her love of music and another passion, baking. Jeneen has been baking wedding cakes and specialty treats for the past several years and pushed her skills even further with her (crowd funded)  Rocket Hub campaign. “My kitchen was in operation for three months straight! I was making cheesecakes, cupcakes, chocolates, you name it.” At the end of three months, she successfully raised the money to fund the album.  This got the attention of producers at the Food Network and Jeneen was featured on the nationally broadcast show  “Homemade in America” making her four layer chocolate cheesecake and singing songs from the album.  You can watch the episode here: http://youtu.be/c-SxDY4Qx7M .  Because of the popularity the Food Network show and the attention she garnered, Jeneen has created a web based series called “JT’s Artist Oven” where she interviews local musicians and then takes them into her kitchen to make their favorite dish.  To watch the show, go to youtube.com/jenter25 . 

This year, Jeneen released a new EP titled “Fallin” with producer Nicholas Howard.  The album has four studio recordings and one live bonus track and is a concept album.   It starts with the first phase of love where things are still unsure, to falling in love, to obsession, to the break-up, letting go and moving on.   Nicholas Howard captures the songs and Jeneen’s vocals masterfully on this pop-folk compilation. 

“Terrana is a top-notch songwriter, and her voice is enthralling … See the Light is highly recommended listening.” – Wildy Haskell, Wildy’s World 

“It’s not hard to love Terrana’s music, which is folk rock-oriented with jazz and blues influences. Her style is reminiscent of Fiona Apple with a bit of Mary Chapin Carpenter, the Indigo Girls or early Ani DiFranco thrown in.” – Mark Lord, Queens Chronicle 
“Her music is utterly soothing, full of the organic sounds of the northern country.” - Brett Ackerman, Beacon Pass 
 “Jeneen has a powerful voice with a soft delicacy which promotes feeling in her words and every song, be it upbeat or a slow ballad, she dressed with a fantastic American smile that you cannot help but look endearingly on.” – Lisa Gowling, Mint South 
“Jeneen Terrana, music's next big thing… 

Introducing a rock chanteuse who picks up her guitar and sings her heart out, a woman whose songs and hypnotic vocals, packed with a solid delivery, work their way into your brain, and seduce your creative senses. 

This chanteuse is Jeneen Terrana, utilizing a delicious mix of rock, blues and rockabilly, her rock soft style elicits mass appeal due to its wondrous diversity. 
Sweet and melodic, with a biting aggressive element, Jeneen brings a freshness to the music scene, her new CD, … is a joy to behold, totally defining the genre of adult contemporary.  Her tales of love and lost, captivate you, her haunting voice, both gorgeous and evocative, lead the listener into a new dimension of auditory enjoyment.”
- Barry Drake, Mackin Enterprises